The Sydmob Mailing List

The Sydmob Mailing List (or Smartgroups) was created for those who wish to actively partake in the discussion of recent events, suggestions of future events, website feedback, and everything in between. This list can from time to time generate quite a load of email traffic; this has proven to be a problem to many people that have joined the list recently. It is with that in mind, that the guidelines for behaviour, posting, subscribing and unsubscribing on the Sydmob Mailing List have been created. By observing these straight forward guidelines, your enjoyment of using the Mailing List will be guaranteed.

(To join or subscribe to the announcement only mail list click here)

Subscribing & Unsubscribing


Subscribing to the Sydmob Mailing list is a very easy task. Simply send an email to or follow this link , click the Join this group link and fill out the required information. Be sure to retain the password you have chosen as this will play an important part in the process of unsubscribing from the Mailing list if you so wish to at a later date.

Also note that there is the option of receiving the posts sent to the Mailing List in a text, html and batch (or digest) modes. Digest mode means instead of receiving every single message when it is posted as an email to your inbox, you will receive all of a the posts from a 24hr period in one email instead. 

Be sure to make a note of which email address you have chosen to use when subscribing, as you need this to visit the Sydmob SmartGroups site and this is also important if later you are wanting to unsubscribe and are using two or several email addresses (such as a work address and home/private address)

Unsubscribing is a similar task as above, but has proven to be troublesome for some. Send an email to sydmob-unsubscribe@smartgroups.comIf that fails, then the next step is to revisit the same page you used when subscribing, that can be found here . In the pane on the left side you will find a heading "Group" and below that a link "Leave Group" which you should click.

The next window will give you the options of just un-subscribing from the emails (so can can still visit we web site to keep up to date) or to leave the Sydmob group entirely. Click the option of your choice then click the Leave Now! button.

If after reading the above and following the step by step instructions you still find yourself unable to unsubscribe successfully, there are certain "do's" and "don'ts" to abide by:

Don't under any circumstance ever email a posting to the Mailing List with the following words/phrases "Delete me" , "Unsubscribe" , "Take me off this list" . A posting that features these phrases or words will be ignored by all moderators & Admin.

Do email or visit to unsubscribe from the mailing list. This is the much preferred method then above and is appreciated by not only the admin/volunteers, but also by all the other people receiving the mailing list. For assistance with unsubscribing, email


Sending a message to the Mailing List is a simple as sending off an everyday email - save for one vital difference; The formatting. The formatting is in regards to Plain Text or Rich Text (aka HTML) . The software running behind the Mailing List, MailMan, is not equipped to handle any HTML postings. The posting will still reach the list, but will come out looking rather ugly and garbled for those on the digest only mode, i.e.; the majority. If you were to send a more simplified message in plain text, then everyone could read it without any problems caused whatsoever. To ensure you are in Plain Text mode before sending off an email, simply click on the option Format on the New Message window; if Rich Text (HTML) is ticked, click Plain Text instead. (Note: These instructions only apply to those using Outlook Express. If you are using a different mail client, then refer to the Help information that is supplied with it)

Another important thing to remember when sending out a post, mainly a reply in this case, is to remove non-vital text from the message. In other words, if you are replying to a statement made by someone earlier, simply select the message in your inbox, click reply (thus keeping the correct header.. for example Re: [Sydmob] Correct Posting ) but remove all the unnecessary text from the previous message from your posting. The reason for this is that everyone will be receiving the emails in all the correct order, so there is no need to unnecessarily requote the message you are perhaps replying to. Also this saves a lot of problems with the majority who only receive the digest a few times a day; they don't need to see the same messages repeated over again each time someone sends a reply.

We hope you enjoy your experience on the Sydmob Mailing List. If you have any questions, or perhaps even suggestions for this page, please do forward them to

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