SYDMOB #2 Saturday, 6 September 2003 - Approx participant count: 100+

Emailed Instructions


On the morning of Saturday 6th of September, you should have already synchronized your watch to the time at the following site or alternatively, use the telstra clock available by calling 1194

By 11:20am you should be in the inner city, go to Central Station and make your way to the Devonshire Street underground pedestrian tunnel, emerge at the Devonshire street end.

Within the vicinity of 'Ibero American Plaza', you will find the mob rep. Look for a person with a sheep. Once located ask the question "Got a ticket?" and then receive your instructions. Move away, read it, then follow them.

Script Instructions (First)


The person you need to find is located at the other end of the Devonshire street tunnel (You should be here before 11:50). Walk through to the Henry Deane Plaza (hint: Oportos) In the vicinity find the mob rep. This person sees things differently to yourself. Ask the same question, receive the instructions, move away and read them.

Script Instructions (Second)


Mob Length: ??? (converge at 12:10pm, disperse when signalled)
Mob site: Central Station Country Trains Platform, under the hanging clock, in front of timetable monitors

If your birth date is a even number, you are a seller.
If your birth date is a odd number, you are a buyer.

Seller mob: Converge from Eddy Avenue/Elizabeth St exits
Buyer mob: Converge from Pitt St/ George St

12:10pm - Converge around the timetable monitors, watch them silently. A mob rep will soon arrive, standing underneath the monitors facing both mobs, the signal will be given to begin.

**You are at the stockmarket, watching the stocks and the market just opened!**

Buyers: yell BUY! at the sellers
Sellers: yell SELL! at the buyers

**Wave around instructions, do stockmarket hand signals**

When the mob rep removes the signal and walks, the act is over, DISPERSE IMMEDIATELY

No one should be left at the site. Go about your normal business. Once read and memorised, hide this slip from view. Do not throw into a public bin.

What an excellent mob event this turned out to be ! We decided for this one that we'd keep it interesting by changing a few things; namely the placing of 2 mop reps for instructions and then using another as a "human timer" for starting the act and then giving the signal for the disperse. Both ideas worked out perfectly. We also thought it would be good to change the way in which the description for locating the mob rep with the instructions would be found. this was done by using two props (the sheep handbag for the first Mop rep, and a pair of 3D glasses for the second) The 3D glasses were also used as the signal to begin the event (standing in front of the mob and putting them on) and as the signal for the disperse (taking them off and then walking away) The 3D glasses signal helped in circumventing the most common problem we encountered in our first mob, people watching the clock for the disperse time. Also it gave us the opportunity to decide in real time the actual length of time the event went for, this is something which seemed to had worked very well. The disperse looked great as did the actual converge (two mobs from two different sides of the station)

All in all, a total success which featured a lot more newcomers and hopefully many more for our other events in the future. SYDMOB #3 is two weeks away ((:


Below is a collection of images taken at the event (more to be added soon)

Click for closeup
The location (Country Trains Platform at Central Station)
Click for closeup

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With the converge compete, the mobbers wait...
Click for closeup
And it begins!

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An unamused citizen watches on..
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Seeyas at SYDMOB #3 ((:

VIDEO FOOTAGE (and other media)

Below is the news stories from both the Channel Ten news and the ABC news which featured our mobbing event. Thankfully, the stories were presented in good humour and showed everyone having a good time. Thanks Mal for being so quick to having these files ready.

Channel 10 - SydMob#2 Hi Band.wmv - 1.5mb

Channel 2 - SydMob#2 ABC News Hi Band - 1.5mb

If you attended SYDMOB #2 and have footage/images which you would like to contribute to this page, please contact us. Thanks to everyone who came along and we hope to see you all at SYDMOB #3 !