SYDMOB #22 Saturday, 11th September 2004  ---  Approx participant count: 150 +

Emailed Instructions


On the afternoon of Saturday the 11th of September, you should have already synchronized your watch to the time of the Telstra clock, available by calling 1194

By 12:45 pm you should be in the Town Hall area, make your way to the back of St Andrews Cathedral, Cnr Bathurst & George Streets. (UBD(tm) page no. 253 grid G9 -)

*The Mob Rep will be only present between 1:00m and 1:45 pm*

Locate the individual in the general vicinity the Town Hall and the Cathedral carrying a silver folder and wearing a Rastafarian hat. Approach this person and say. "Hey there buddy, do you need a push?"

You will be then handed the rest of the instructions. Move away, read them, and then follow them.

As we have quite a few first timers I have copied the general mob guidelines below, please take a minute to read them to help you make the most of your mobbing experience. A BIG tip is to reach the site on, or ahead of time, as we only perform an act of two or three minutes, you will miss it if you dawdle.



Script Instructions - This Flashmob is in two parts....

Part One:
Mob Length: <5 minutes (near site 1:55 converge & act @ 2:00pm, disperse @ 2:05pm)
Mob site: Pyrmont Bridge

Shake ya Tail Feather

By 1:55, you will have made your way to Sussex St end of Pyrmont Bridge, where you will wait for the mob reps to appear.
When the reps don their Rastafarian hats, line up behind them, in a conga line. You are a freaked out bombora type surfie flower child. You are going to dance all the way across the bridge behind the mob reps. Follow the lead, or make up your own groovy dance moves. Think “The Monkey” The Mashed Potato, The Swim, The Bird, The Pulp Fiction, the whatever. Feel free to yell out things like “YEAH!” Right On” Groovy Baby. Smile and give peace signs. Offer your love to the world.

When we reach the other side of the bridge, the mob reps will remove their hats. Disperse.

Part Two:
Mob Length: <5 minutes (near site 2:15 converge & act @ 2:20pm, disperse @ 2:25pm)
Mob site: Darling Harbour Fountain

“Whoop it up to bring the Rain”

Next converge is around the fountain in darling harbour outside the convention centre.

The mob reps will appear at the edge of the fountain, and put on their Rasta hats. This is your cue to come to the edge of the fountain, stand, with the fountain on your Right. When the mob reps begin their rain dance, its your cue to join in.
Think Pocahontas, Hiawatha, type of stuff. Lots of American Indian whoops, Whooo Whoo Whhooo etc. Pat your hand against your mouth, cowboy and Indian style to get the sound going. Lots of forward and backward bowing. We are encouraging rain. Throw your hands up in the air and stamp around. We may even begin a chant. “HI YA HEY YA HI YA HEY YA”

When the reps remove their hats and casually wander off, Disperse

Hey there you fabulous freaked out hippie love children! You were SENSATIONAL! Going over the pictures this-evening has been a total crack up! I hope you enjoy them as much as we did! Many many thanks to the wonderful Geoff Fraser and Camilla Sheridan. As always, we are grateful beyond belief for any images mobbers care to share.

So, how did it all go down?

The converge for "Shake ya tail feather" could not have gone better. We handed out 138 sets of instructions on Saturday.  Every one of us giving it a hoot and a holler, the ruckus resounding over Darling Harbour in a most ear and eye catching way. As we boogied along the bridge, it came to our attention that the bridge was open! (For those of you who are un familiar with Sydney, there are probably only two bridges that swing open at set times to allow tall vessels to pass through. Pyrmont is one of them) Dammit! We were wishing we had remembered THAT little piece of information as we made our tres hip approach!

ALORS! What were we to do? Well, we just kept dancing, albeit a little slower than we might have, and, lo! Just as we made it to the gates, they swung open! (PRAAAAISE THE LORD! HALLELUIAH!!) I suspect that this was much to the relief of the cluster of folk waiting at the gates. I sensed a little trepidation from the crowd caught there as the noisy group of out of uniform Hari Krishnas approached!

So, we grooved our way over the rest of the bridge, with some of the more energetic mobbers dancing over the benches and seats. The looks we drew from passers by made it so very worth the effort. One couple, who had been comfortably sitting to enjoy the day copped special attention with a whole bunch of mobbers cruising by them to give them a peace sign and a little bit of mobbin love!

So, we dispersed, and re-convened at the fountain. A spot we enjoyed previously for an impromptu horse race.

As usual in places such as these, there are buskers, who probably make a living from street performance, so we do try to keep our disturbance brief.

Brevity aside, our rain dance stole the crowd, and we can only imagine what the hell people thought was going on! The "HEY YA HEY Ya" and "WHOO WHOO WHOO" was loud and proud, and still makes me laugh! Check out some of the pics. I am willing to bet you see yourself! Some very funny images there. So, well done people! You absolutely ROCK!

Now...Pull out you dairies dudes. Next sydmob event is scheduled for Saturday the 25th, which is rumoured to be another Global flashmob. Hope you can all put in a bit of effort and get out and create a little weirdness with us! Also, please do drop Mal or me or the group a line and let us know what you thought about anything you have participated in. We often feel a little deflated, having planned a mob, to get nothing back. It's about sharing the joy guys! (Or send hate mail too, by all means. Like Mr Sequira!)

XO Mal & Tempest




Thanks again to The fabulous shutterbug, Geoff Fraser, who is available for weddings, parties, anything.  Also, thanks to one of our most stalwart mobbers, she of Mondo Thingo  and JJJ  fame, The one and only  Camila Sheridan.

VIDEO FOOTAGE (and other media)

Listen to Triple-J's Hack reporter Ali Benton story on GFM#2 - Click Here

In the near future we may have some video footage and/or audio for you too take a look at...stay tuned.....

As always, any other footage or photos people wish to contribute is more then welcome.