SYDMOB #26 Sunday, 21st November 2004  ---  Approx participant count: 80 +

Emailed Instructions

Make sure you send a headcount (number of people attending with you) to, we may be providing everyone with a mystery item and it would help a great deal to know how many people to provide for !


On the morning of Sunday the 21st of November, you should have already synchronized your watch to the time of the Telstra clock, available by calling 1194

By 11:40 pm you should be in the Town Hall area, make your way to the back of St Andrews Cathedral, Cnr Bathurst & George Streets.
(UBD(tm) page no. 253 grid G9 -

*The Mob Rep will be only present between 11:45am and 12:45 pm*

Locate the individual in the general vicinity between the Town Hall and the Cathedral carrying a silver folder and a wearing a hat & Trench coat. Approach and say, "Its about time for a cold beer, isn't it?"

You will be then handed the rest of the instructions. Move away, read them, and then follow them.

** Long timers will remember this site as the same site as Flash Mob #1, #10, 12

#12 and #20.**


Script Instructions - This Flashmob is in two parts....


GO to the front of the Cathedral, look for a person wearing a Jester hat. Say to this person, “How many boooops make a whhhoooop?” They will issue you with a mystery item.

By 12:55 you will have made your way to the QVB, Level One. There are escalators in the centre of the building. N.B. The CENTRE. Not the escalators at either end. Meander around, look in shop windows, chat with friends or play the tourist. Be within easy reach of the middle of this level.

At approximately 12:58, a mob rep will appear on the stairs on the other side of the escalators, wearing the beige, sandy coloured hat. As soon as you spot that person, begin a casual converge around the balustrade (railing) as if waiting for the clock to do it’s thing.

The Mob rep will be joined by another, they will throw their arms in the air and begin to yell “Stella!!! STELLAAAA!!! Join in the shouting as soon as you hear this and move towards them, Crying ”STELLAAA!!, STELLAAA!!” Heartfelt cries are what we want. Your best Marlin Brando is called for. Much flailing of arms and clutching of heart. The reps will head towards, and then get on, the downwards escalator, still yelling “Stella” at an invisible person below. Do the same. Cry out “STELLA” all the way as you ride the escalator down.

As soon as the reps reach the bottom, they will step a little away from the escalator and embrace, when you reach the bottom, you can join in…Big group hug type thing, (Be sensible with this people, remember we have a few granny mobbers, we don’t want to flatten them, and don’t use this as an opportunity to touch anyone up, unless it you are copping a grope of Mal, he’d love it!) You can continue calling for Stella alone if a group hug isn’t your scene. We all are still calling out Stella, but it is now with the relief of having found your special person.

Presently, the rep will remove their hat. This is your cue to disengage from the group hug and disperse.

Part Two:

Those goddammned Aliens with sticks are back!

You will need your tongue depressor for this event.

Make your way to the Queen Victoria Card Shop, Lower Ground Level, Shop 75 (1/2 way to the Town Hall Station) At 1:20. the mob reps will appear, one will be wearing the by now familiar beige hat. They will wander towards the food court. Follow them. You will find yourself becoming more “Alien” as you walk. Give curious and strange looks at everything and everyone you pass. You may find you walk in a different manner than usual. The reps will stop, and produce their tongue depressors. (This is your cue to produce yours) Hold the stick out, in front of your face, and examine it closely. Flick it with the finger of your other hand to be sure it is functioning properly.

Ah! It is! You can tell, because you begin to make loud alien noises. Whoooooop…Boooopp…Brrrr-ping, etc etc (Yes, I know that’s what aliens sound like, because I have spoken with them, alright?!) As the stick comes to life, you use it to examine people passing by. It may make loud exclamations in a ”Fashion police” manner, or become interested in someone’s hairstyle, their food or handbag. Lots of weird whooping, booping is called for. You can not speak any earthly tongue, so your interaction is to be curious and noisy.

After a couple of minutes of this, you will notice the mob reps have lost interest in these odd human creatures, and will wander off. Complete your examination of your current specimen. Conceal your stick and disperse.

If you wish to catch up with other mobbers post event – Head to the Ettahmogah Pub at Darling Harbour – it is child friendly in the bistro and beer garden

Hey there mobbers!

As some of you know, Mal celebrated a birthday in November, and I got so much mail from people asking
me what we were doing to surprise him, that I had to bow to mob wishes. Cam and Incubi, (The two most
noisy e mailers) were seconded to write up and deliver a post flash, flash, at the post flash bash. (Hmm…
Dr Seuss eat your heart out) To enable you all to get the third set of instructions, I had to have a reason to
send you to a second mob rep, so there Cam stepped in with his “Mystery Item” and bogus survey. Good
on ya Cam! You made a fabulous mob rep! Incubi, however, made a lamentable Pub scout, as we found
out only on approach, that The Ettamogah Pub is now called Docks. *sigh* Poor Incubi, he DID try! Sorry
to all of you who got lost on the way.

So, now that you know that there was a sub plot, how did the day pan out?
Well, guys, this day provided more than the usual amount of silly, un-expected giggles! Right from the
start, confusion and hilarity reigned. The instructions read “Carrying a silver folder , wearing a hat &
Trench coat.” Sounds simple enough does it not? So, off Sydmob went to seek out the mob rep. If you
were not there to participate in this event, just imagine you had been, and picture this….. You approach the
Cathedral, looking for a mob rep. Your attention is caught by a slightly down on their luck individual, clad
in an Akubra and a Drizzabone. You approach and ask the question. DOH!!

No, people, he was not the mob rep! One clue was missing…Remember the Silver Folder? He did not have
one of those one of those, but he was, indeed a stand out character. I can only imagine what he must have
thought when the first mobber came up and suggested to him that it was “About time for a cold beer.” By
the time about 50 others asked the same thing, he was no doubt looking around for the hidden camera!
Anyhow, that little diversion aside, instructions were issued, and off we went to one of our favored
haunts, the Q.V.B. A last minute call from a flustered Prune delayed our start, as City Rail had delivered
him to his destination with typical reliability. We waited for him for a few minutes, and thus started off the
mob a little later than planned. If any of you are, like Prune, coming from a gazillion miles away, and rely
on City rail, send me an e mail, and I will give you a number to contact us on, in case of rail disaster.

Well, that little delay aside, we hit the QVB. Pretty soon, cries of STELLLLLAAA!! Were reverberating around
all the levels incredibly loudly. Then, for the first time ever, security actually caught up with us, albeit a
little late. The look on the face of the guard who approached saying “Guys, Guys!” Just as Mal removed his
hat and we dispersed, was a classic! Perhaps not unlike a prize boxer who steps into the ring and drops his
robe, only to find his opponent already lying flat on the canvass. I still chuckle at seeing two of the guards
emerge from the Town Hall end, looking around, alert and alarmed. Shades of “Spike is my hero” from old
Loneytoons cartoons popped into mind.

The next mob started promptly, with everyone producing their Tongue depressor and taking to examining
the locals with it with gusto. Very few people escaped a thorough and noisy inspection. Now, most of the
mobbers enjoyed this event enormously. Wandering off down the arcade confusing and delighting as they
passed. One mobber, the aforementioned Cam, was particularly enthusiastic with his booping and
whooping. So much so, that a security guard appeared and asked him "Mate! Are you normal? What are
you doing? Why are you doing that?" Stop it!" Cam lifted his stick, and emitted booping sounds at the
guard, only to look around and realise that he had been meant to follow the mob, who were by now, half
an arcade away, and there was Cam, having a loud and proud flashmob all on his own!

We dispersed, and went seeking The Ettamogah pub, which does not exist. (Now THERE'S a flashmob and
a half! Hide the pub by re-naming it! Didn't expect that one, now didjya?!) Mal had his birthday lyrics sung
in lamentable chorus, we had a few drinks, and dispersed.

PS The next event will be on Saturday 11th December 2004
Cheers guys!

Mal & Tempest




Thanks  to The fabulous shutterbug Pauline who might be available for weddings, parties, anything. 

VIDEO FOOTAGE (and other media)

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