SYDMOB #24 Sunday, 17th October 2004  ---  Approx participant count: 80 +

Emailed Instructions


On the afternoon of Sunday the 17th of October, you should have already synchronized your watch to the time of the Telstra clock, available by calling 1194

By 11:30 am you should be in the Wynyard area, make your way to Barrack Street Mall, between George & York Sts. (
*The Mob Rep will be only present between 11:45am and 12:45 pm*

Locate the individual in the general vicinity carrying a silver folder and wearing a Rastafarian hat. Approach this person and say. "Surfs up, and so am I"
You will be then handed the rest of the instructions. Move away, read them, and then follow them.

Script Instructions - This Flashmob is in two parts....

Part One:
Mob Length: <5 minutes
Mob site: George & Druitt/Park Sts Intersection


Mob reps will be recognised by Rastafarian hats, either worn or held, or stuck in their back pocket.

By 12.58 you should have made your way to the intersection of George and Park Streets. (QVB or Woolies). Toss a coin. If it is HEADS, you will be waiting outside the QVB, near the Statue of Queen Vic, if it is TAILS, you will be outside Woolworths.
The mob reps will appear at the traffic lights at 12:59. They may have to wait to get everyone synchronised, so we are not putting an exact time on this one. You must, however, be ready to cross when the reps do. This will be approximately 1pm give or take a minute or so.

When the reps begin to cross, start to cross with them, heading towards the QVB or Woollies, depending on which side of the road you are on. Take a couple of steps into the street. Suddenly, “ALORS!” your leg has become stuck to the road. Mime pulling and jerking your leg free, arms flailing and body heaving against invisible forces.
Look at the road with distrust, suspicion and disgust. Hurl comical abuse at the road. (Non offensive language) Use ridiculous accents if you feel inclined (Think John Cleese type stuff). Each time you jerk your leg free, the other foot sticks.
You can continue in this manner till you cross, or just give up the battle and argue loudly with the asphalt, be as animated and ridiculous as you like. Beat the road up if you feel it deserves it!
You must, however, be clear of the road before the lights change, so keep an ear/eye out, and cross as normal if your play-acting has taken too long.

Mock disperse, (you should have a minute or two to wander a tiny bit, looking at shop windows or the like) then re-assemble before the next light change, to repeat the performance, going back the other way.
When you reach the other side, disperse.

Part Two:
Mob Length: <5 minutes (near site 1:20 converge & act @ 1:22pm, disperse @ 1:26pm)
Mob site: Strand Arcade

Your towel and sunglasses should be within easy reach.

By 1.15 you will have made your way to the Market Street end of Pitt Street Mall. The Mob reps will be in the area. Keep an eye on them. When they begin to stroll down the mall, follow them in loose formation. Assume a casual manner, it should not be apparent that we are all together

The reps will enter an arcade. Maintain the loose formation tailing of the reps. At a given point, the reps will stop, and remove their towels from their bags. This is your cue to do the same. Pick a space and spread your towel out on the ground, as if you were preparing a spot at the beach. If the boom box gods are with us, the theme from Hawaii Five O will start to play.

The reps will jump on their towel, as if it was a surf board, and begin to ride a monster wave. Do the same. Control your balance by raising and lowering your knees, spread your arms, duck under tubes etc.

The reps will finish riding the wave in, and step off the surfboard. They will stretch, put on their sunnies, and settle down on the towel for a nice little sunbathe. You do the same. Apply pretend lotion, spread out, read a pretend book. Relax, enjoy the sun. When the reps get up, shake out their towels and fold them up. Do the same, then dust the sand off yourself and disperse.

If you feel like hooking up post mob, we will meet down at the Paragon Hotel (Loftus St, Next to Mac D’s Circular Quay)


Sydmob Stops Traffic!

Well, sort of - The traffic was stopped by the traffic lights, as were our acts!
Two new, funny events, and a nice social catch up afterwards. What better way to spend a Sunday arvo?

Around eighty people turned out on a slightly chilly day, compared to the record high temperatures we have been enjoying. The wonderful Tempest rugged up a bit to hand out scripts to one and all, much to the confusion and bewilderment of the tradesmen fitting out a new restaurant, who noticed mobbers coming, picking up bit of paper, then leaving. Consider what a diverse bunch we are, it is not surprising that the guys couldn’t figure out what was going on. The look on his face when Prune (Big scary hairy dude) and Camilla (Sweet Grandmotherly type with walking stick) picked up scripts right after each other was a pure Kodak moment!

The first event was at the intersection of George and Druitt Streets (outside Town Hall, QVB and Woollies). The “Stuck” idea itself came one day as Mal and Tempest were walking, and Tempest got her heel stuck in a grate. (Funny where we get our inspiration, isn’t it?!) Anyway, we have wanted to use a cross-road for a while now, and this idea seemed perfect. We have previously been un-sure of how to utilise an intersection without disrupting traffic, or putting mobbers at risk. (Yes, bless you all, we are always concerned about your safety!)  We finally decided on this one because there are clear four way signals, it is a significant and busy spot, and we were, after all, still pedestrians, albeit odd ones.

This mob was a real treat! Co-ordinating from opposite sides of the road, it was kind of funny when 80 people were standing, ready to cross, then, apparently, don’t like that particular colour green, and wait for the next one! We received a few odd, over the shoulder looks from the crossing public. Some double-checking the signal, in case they had got it wrong!

Once we did launch into the act, we were all in our element! Playing it up big time! A few mobbers wailing plaintively “HELP ME! HELP ME!” to total strangers. (Who all did their best to rush by, we noticed, dammed rude I say!) Some mobbers were throwing tantrums and giving the road a right talking to. Grunts, groans and Herculean efforts to set ourselves free drew some of the most perplexed looks we have had to date, a great indication that the event was paying off. The lights started to change as most of us were half way across, so it was hop it to the other side for a tiny, pretend disperse, where various conversations were over heard. My favourite being “Jan, did you see that?”
“See what?” “Umm…(As we head off for our second crossing) …”Umm….THAT!”  Both looking completely stunned, till light began to dawn on one woman’s face. “I think that’s what you call “A random act of silliness”

This time a elderly gentleman decided he also would join in the fun as he crossed just in front of me - absolutely priceless - he was not a flash mobber, but rather a fine example of what fun "Grey power" can be.  Also, a big hello to the Bus Driver who decided we were a too slow getting to the other side. Sorry to have taken 8 seconds of your life buddy.

One thing that we loved was this little tid-bit from a first time mobber. He told us that as he started across the road, an elderly woman stumbled in front of him, and, valiant little trooper he is, he was about to rush to her aid, when he realised she was doing exactly what he was! Gotta love Mobbin!

So, then it was on to the next scene.

Mal and Tempest gave up arguing with the boom box, wished that they had instructed everyone to “Da da da” the Hawaii Five O theme, and began the meander down Pitt Street Mall, 80 inconspicuous people in tow. Very amusing comments were over heard as we wandered. “Isn’t it funny. Everyone is walking in the same direction.” “Hey, isn’t that Odd, everyone has a back-pack”

Mal and Tempest were arguing all the way down. (So what’s new?) Tempest wanted to use the arcade under Myer, Mal wanted to check em all out! We had not left ourselves enough time to see how busy each arcade was before this converge, so we just had to wing it, and The Strand has enough floor space. We could hardly drag you all up and down the Mall while we made up our minds!

For those of you who have asked why we did not do it in the Mall, we did want it indoors, as it is a lot more pointless to sunbathe when there is no sun in sight. Also, we have used the Mall quite a bit recently, and we like to change venues frequently.

So, into the Strand we went, towels out, and surfs up! BIG points to the guy flicking his towel back and forwards with his foot, like a true pro, and well done everyone! What a sight we all made! The crowd of people at each end, waiting, not keen to walk through the surf, got larger as the event wore on.

When we were done surfing, it was time to relax. Rub on a little lotion and take it easy. This clearly freaked out some restaurant patrons, and a couple of shopkeepers were looking a little concerned at what effect we may have on trade. Were we going to lie there all day? What the hell was going on?!

So, day at the beach drew to a rather quick close, we dusted off, shook out our towels, and wandered away. My favourite comment came from a guy at the Restaurant, who asked a mobber “Why did you do that?” The reply? “Do what?”

Cheers, Mal and Tempest




Thanks  to The fabulous shutterbugs, Camilla, Pauline, Rhye and serial shutterbug Geoff Fraser, who are available for weddings, parties, anything. 

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