SYDMOB #36 Saturday, 14th October 2006  ---  Approx participant count: 50 +

Emailed Instructions


On the afternoon of Saturday the 14th of October, you should have already synchronized your watch to the time of the Telstra clock, available by calling 1194

By 12:55pm you should be in the Town Hall area, make your way to the ground floor of the QVB Building between George and York Streets.

*The Mob Rep will be only present between 1:00pm and 1:45 pm*

Locate the individual in, or within the vicinity of the Coffee Shop "Bacio" which is located next to the middle exit too York Street. The rep will be carrying a silver folder and wearing a Rastafarian (Red yellow green and black) hat.
Approach the rep and say "I am a happy hungry hippo, hip hopping, hopping mad"

You will be then handed the rest of the instructions, and a secret item. Move well away, read the instructions, and follow them.

Please send an email to with an estimate of the number of people coming with you so we can estimate how much secret stuff we need to bring.


SYDMOB #36 First Act


Make your way to Pitt Street Mall.  By 2:00pm you will be loitering around the Market Street End of Pitt Street Mall.

At 2:03pm, The Mob reps will appear wearing a Rastafarian hat. They will pause for a few moments, to give you time to get near by, and then they will begin to wander down the mall.

Follow them loosely, do not form a line. At some stage, the mob reps will produce invisible insect spay, and spray it around the mall, the mob reps will then begin to die like insects, legs and arms flailing about in the air, shaking and shuddering like a cockroach that has had a blast of insect spray. Do the same, comedy is our aim, so enjoy yourself.

When the mob reps get up – disperse and make you way to the Town Hall (Cnr George & Druitt Streets)

SYDMOB #36 Second Act

By 2:25pm you will have made your way to the Town Hall steps. The Mob rep, wearing the Rastafarian hat, will be in the vicinity. At 2:30pm the rep will move to the sidewalk. This is your cue to also move onto the sidewalk,, within their general vicinity. The rep will take off their hat. This is your cue to have your chalk ready. The rep will crouch down, and pull out their chalk, and begin to draw their hopscotch grid. Pick a spot close by, but with enough room for you to draw a grid too, and draw yours.

Once you have drawn your grid, begin hopping up and down upon it. Do that twice, then hop up to another person’s grid and jump up and down theirs. Leap from grid to grid making WHOOP! HOOP! sounds, as loud as you can. Continue hopping from grid to grid till you hear a whistle blow, This is you cue to begin join hands with fellow mobbers, and walk round in a circle singing, and swinging your arms.

Here we go 'round the mulberry bush,
The mulberry bush,
The mulberry bush.
The mulberry bush
Here we go 'round the mulberry bush,
All on a Saturday Morning.

This is the way we all flashmob,
All flashmob
All Flashmob
All Flashmob
This is the way we all flashmob,
All on a Saturday morning.

This is the way we all disperse,
All disperse
All disperse
All disperse
This is the way we all disperse,
All on a Saturday morning

When we sing the All disperse round, it is, obviously, your cue to disperse after that chorus. Throw your hands in the air, you can cheer or clap if you wish, then disperse.

We will head for the “Forbes Hotel” cnr York & King streets after to meet up, please feel free to join us and chat

Hiya mobbers!

Wasn’t that a crack up?!

Saturday the 14th October was a stinking hot day, and brought out a mass of virgin mobbers, and a couple of camera crews. Some students from Sydney Film School are putting together a doco, and 0Couch Potato showed up today too. No doubt, you have all just been made stars, both parties have promised to send us footage, so that you can see how fabulous you look on camera!

The “Insects” was a mob re-visited, one that Mal dreamed up a couple of years ago. We liked it so much, we thought deserved another run. A short, sweet and quirky idea, that caused some observers minor alarm, as 50 mobbers started to cough and twitch, and fall to the ground. Alarm turned rather quickly to amusement and confuddlment. You have to love that in a flashmob! A security guard was over heard saying “Any idea what the %#@ that was?” His friend, stroking beard said.. ”I really don’t know. Maybe it was one of them flashmob things?”

The disperse was quick. This, according to post mob chat, was a good thing, as some mobbers had decided to “Die” on the hot bricks. (Ouch! It was 38 degrees in town. You could cook a cockroach on those pavers!)

From there it was on to Hopscotch and “Here We go Round the Mulberry Bush”. Mobbers had to hop and whoop a lot longer than planned, as Tempest dropped the whistle as she pulled it out, and an enthusiastic mobber stomped on it! Luckily we had back up, and the whistle was finally blown. (Much to the relief of the less fit among us!)

As to “The mulberry bush”. What can we say? What a great set of lungs you all have, not to mention a fantastic ability to recall the made up words. It utterly rocked! Probably the funniest part of the disperse was overhearing the bunch of Eemo kids, as they ran to where we had been, saying “Awww!! We missed it!” They were trying to locate someone in charge, to get everyone to do it again! The post mob drinks were, as usual a real pleasure

The wonderful Camilla took pics of both events, because, to quote her "I'm not getting on the ground with my legs in the air for anyone!" She is sending her shots tomorrow, and we will put them up lickity split. Any other shutter bugs out there, please send any images you care to share!

Tentative next mob will be on Saturday 11th of November. Jot it in your diaries, and spread the word!


We still need photos from this Flashmob, So you shutterbugs send them in. Thanks to shutterbug - Camila for these pics.

VIDEO FOOTAGE (and other media)

We Need some - Do you have any - contact us.

Listen to Triple-J's Hack reporter Ali Benton story on GFM#2 - Click Here

In the near future we may have some video footage and/or audio for you too take a look at...stay tuned.....

As always, any other footage or photos people wish to contribute is more then welcome.