SYDMOB #31 Sunday, 3rd July 2005  ---  Approx participant count: 80 +

Emailed Instructions


Hey hey hey mobbers,

Yes, the slack-arse organisers are at last committed to giving Sydney a bit of a rev up. Call it in praise of the rain! We flash rain, hail, cyclone or clement weather. Get your sorry butts up and get excited! A two part mob is yours for the participation, with an optional hook up post flash, to chortle about the day's events.

NB!!!!! Bring an umbrella.!!!!!!!!

On Sunday The Third of July, you will have awoken, refreshed and pumping, and, no doubt, wondering where the hell you left your umbrella. Once you have located said umbrella, you will depart your home.

By 1 pm you will have made your way to The C.B.D. Sydney Town Hall.

Beneath the steps of Sydney Town Hall, you will find the mob rep, who will be wearing a Rastafarian hat (A Rastafarian hat is red, yellow and green for the un initiated) The Mob rep will be holding a silver folder. Approach this individual and say.

"Good grief! Pass the sun block!"

The mob rep will then hand you your instructions.

Move away, read them, and follow them.

Instructions - This Flashmob is in two parts....

Part One

The Drought Has Broken.

By 2 pm you will have made your way to Pitt Street Mall King Street End. You will be within easy sight and reach of the Sky Gardens Pitt St Mall entrance, near Sportsgirl.. At 2.03 The mob rep will appear at the Skygardens entrance. The rep will put Rastafarian hat on her head and step into the Mall. This is your cue to assemble behind her. Fairly quickly begin to form a line behind her, single file. The rep will unfurl their umbrella, calling out Attten...HUP!! Attten...HUP!! Continue to form a line behind her, and unfurl your own umbrella, resting it over your right shoulder. (Be careful of other mobbers as you do this) Stand straight and proud and grinning. Leave a little space between one another, we are going to march to the flashmob site. Begin to march on the spot and start muttering “Left Right Left Right Left Right, To Your Left Your Left Your left right left" etc. It does not have to be in unison. We are looking for something more like the Seven Dwarves than a crack military unit.

The Mob rep will shortly lead us off calling out "To your left Hup, to the left Hup, Left Right Left Right Hup Hup." Follow the rep, marching and chanting " Left right left right " etc as you go. The rep march us to a nearby spot for a little sing along. When we have reached the site, the rep will call out "COMPANY HALT!" Come to a stop and straighten you line out to within arms distance of one another. We are aiming to have a long row of brolly spinning mobbers. A "Conductor" will emerge from the line, wearing a bright green shirt. She will check us all for position. Then stand in front of the line to lead us in song. The rep will hold her brolly in front of her stomach and begin twirling it. Do the same, keeping your brolly relatively close to your body as you twirl.

On her cue of "And a One, and a Two, And a one two threee four…" She will start the song…
Iiiii'mmmmmmm singing in the rain
Keep twirling your umbrella as you sing.

I'm singin´ in the rain
Just singin´ in the rain,
What a glorious feeling,
And I'm happy again.
I'm laughing at clouds
So dark, up above,
The sun's in my heart
And I'm ready for love.

Let the stormy clouds chase.
Everyone from the place,
Come on with the rain
I have a smile on my face.
I'll walk down the lane
With a happy refrain
Just singin', singin' in the rain.

The conductor will then close her umbrella and walk off. Do the same. This is our disperse.

SYDMOB #31  
Part Two

The Invisible Busker
By 2 35 you will have made your way down to Circular Quay. You will be assembled casually near the entrance to the Museum of Modern art.

At 2.38 A mob rep will walk to the centre of the grassy lawn, and put the Rastafarian hat on their head. This is your cue to assemble. Form a semi circle group around the rep, ready to watch a performance, start making noise, cheers laughter etc. The rep remove their hat and will take a book out, putting it on the ground, then join the semi circle of "Audience"

Really begin to cheer and whistle and applaud the book. The book is a VERY talented busker, giving a death defying performance. Gasp, Cheer! We will all count down a ONE TWO Threeee! As the book readies itself for stunts (Keep an ear out for a loud male voice calling "ON MY COUNT". Count with him ONE WOOO! Two WOOO! Threee! WHHOOOAHHH! Loud, excited. Go crazy after Three. Clap and cheer. Any Mobber is encouraged to lead the counts.

At approximately 2.40, the rep will put the hat back on and walk off. This is your cue to Disperse. Walk away, leave the book.

Well DONE Sydmob! You guys were fantastic!

What a LOT of fun we had today, what confusion we caused! Mal and I have just watched the video he took of today's proceedings, and guys, you look GREAT on film! Mal will be putting it up on the website ( tonight, if all goes to plan. Be sure to check it out. You will be very likely to see yourself. We were all having way too much fun, that is apparent!

So, if you could not make it today? What did we do?
Look above for the scripts, but starting with Act One.....

This one needs no explanation. Go check out the footage for a bit of a giggle. My favorite bits? When Prune put up his umbrella and it turned inside out, and the guys who had forgotten to bring a brolly, so erected drink lids on straws and marched around carrying those!! TOP MARKS! What a classic!

As for Acgt Two.....
This Idea was submitted by a regular mobber, and was GOLD.
This event was funny on so many levels. From the people sitting at the restaurant, who kept hanging over the balcony to try to see what they were missing, to the absolute CLASSIC, of one mobbers little girl, who ran in and picked up the book, then ran off with it. What a riot!

This was only topped by the quick wit of the mobber who returned it, then stood and appeared to read from it a bit, causing much hilarity and applause. We dispersed promptly after that, leaving just the book and a few passers by on a now vacant lawn. The funniest part was something we had not considered when we decided to use a book as the prop.

A few passers by were obviously so intrigued by all the applause the book had drawn, that they hung about till the coast was clear, to go up and inspect the book! Mal has caught a few of them on camera as they made a casual approach. Maybe kick it with a toe a bit....Yep..It's still a book alright!

So, see ya all next mob!





We still need photos from this Flashmob, So you shutterbugs send them in. Thanks to shutterbug  - Ryhe Waters - for these pics, Mal for the Vid's.

VIDEO FOOTAGE (and other media)

See the the Sydmob#31 Act One Movie
See the the Sydmob#31 Act Two Movie
See the the Sydmob#31 Act Three Movie

Listen to Triple-J's Hack reporter Ali Benton story on GFM#2 - Click Here

In the near future we may have some video footage and/or audio for you too take a look at...stay tuned.....

As always, any other footage or photos people wish to contribute is more then welcome.