SYDMOB #16 Saturday, 15th May 2004 - Approx participant count: TBA

Emailed Instructions


On the Morning of Saturday 15th May, you should have already synchronized your watch to the time of the Telstra clock, available by calling 1194

*By 1:45 pm you should be in Sydney CBD, make your way to Martin Place

*By 1:55 pm you should be making your way to Martin Place between Pitt & George Sts

*The Mob Rep will be only present between 2:00pm and 2:45 pm*

Look for an individual who is wearing a Blue Cap who is on the "road to success" and holding a silver folder, once found, approach and say: "I have been very bad. Please give me my instructions!"


Script Instructions


Mob Length: 2-3 minutes (near site 3:02 converge & act @ 3:05pm, disperse @ 3:08pm)
Mob site: The Queen Victoria Statue, QVB

By 3:02 you should be loitering around the Town hall entrance, near the Statue of the John Laws dog and Queen Vic.
At 3:05, the mob rep, wearing the same blue cap and carrying a silver folder, will appear at the feet of The Queen Victoria Statue. The rep will remove their hat.
This is your signal to converge around the rep, keep a little bit of distance between yourself and your fellow mobbers. (About arms length)

The mob rep will yell out "What am I bid for this fine public monument?"

Go crazy, start shouting out amounts, start low, (Like $5.00) Wave your instructions about, keep upping the bids of the people around you. You DESPERATELY want to buy this monument (It'd be just luverly beside the mantle piece, now wouldn't it) Make silly bidding signals, tap your nose and point at other bidders, slap your elbow, all sorts of odd looking secret signals.

After approximately 2 mins of frantic bidding, the rep will replace their hat, and walk away - This is your signal to disperse.

Please make your way back to the original meeting place, as the uni students may want you to sign release papers of any footage they have taken. There will be an after mob get together at The Cat and Fiddle Hotel in Darling Street Balmain, if you are going to that, you can sign any releases there, the bus for Balmain leaves just outside the QVB.

Congratulations, Sydney's shopping public and tourists alike were once again caught of guard when yet another public art work was sold off.....or was it !

Once again it was good to note quite a few new faces at this event,  and it is always interesting meeting these people after an event too. 

If you had ever wanted to own a very large statue of Queen Victoria for your mantle piece well this was the event for you. The word about this bargain had obviously spread wide and far as we had mobber ranging from The very well dressed (A-List !) ladies, to students, and regulars.

Tempest opened the bidding, and then it was on, and she was flat out with keeping up who had the highest bid. The offer the consisted of two milking goats was very kind, but could not be accepted, along with the bid of several small children (that person has since been reported !). By this stage it almost looked like a swarm of killer bees had descended on us with mobber waving hands and arms and tapping there nose and ears giving there bids.

Unfortunately it seems our pockets were not deep enough and the reserve was never reached. So with a bit of good timing when the lights changed to walk, Tempest gave the signal and within seconds the space was once again quiet and empty....

 A bit thank you to everyone who came back to the Cat and Fiddle and gave the diligent uni students worthy interviews and some background material. The Guys had been following Tempest and Myself since 9:30 that morning, then onto the meet, the act and finally the after celebrations. We can't wait to see the final product, which we be made in part available for the web.....


The next Mob will be a big-un, to be held on the 6th of June, and then on the 19th we will have the next Global FlashMob. So Sydney you have this weekend then two weeks to gather the troops, and we promise it will be a lot of fun !



VIDEO FOOTAGE (and other media)

In the near future we may have some video footage and more images with a bit of luck but this is it for now (Nada).

As always, any other footage or photos people wish to contribute is more then welcome.