SYDMOB #17 Sunday, 6th June 2004 - Approx participant count: TBA

Emailed Instructions


On the Morning of Sunday 6th June, you should have already synchronized your watch to the time of the Telstra clock, available by calling 1194

*By 12:55 pm you should be in Sydney CBD, make your way to Martin Place

*By 1:00 pm you should be making your way to above the fountain in Martin Place.

*The Mob Rep will be only present between 1:00pm and 1:45 pm*

Look for an individual who is wearing their heart on their sleeve, holding an umbrella and a silver folder, once found, approach and say: "I am evil Homer - Watch me dance"

Note: The Next GLOBAL FLASH MOB is on the 19th June - see for more details


Script Instructions


Mob Length: 3-5 minutes (near site 1:55 converge & act @ 2:00pm, disperse @ 2:05pm)
Mob site: North Hyde Park, Archibald Fountain

Imagine you are one of most proudest dwarfs that ever lived and today you are going off to enjoy your favourite pastime - Fishing. Get your imaginary fishing pole on your shoulder, have you fishing bag in your other hand and be at the ready !

At 2pm the Mob Rep will start a conga line from the North entrance of the fountain, fall in on the tail as it circles the fountain, singing Boom-chuck-alka, Boom-chuck-alka, Boom-chuck-alka........
When the Mob Rep stops, put your bag down next to the fountain.

Bait your rod, and with great flourish cast into the fountain.

Give it a few secs then pull in the biggest fish you have ever seen - fighting all the way - Cry out in joy when landed. Hold it up for a photo - smile. Repeat again, Bait, Cast, Hook, Catch, Photo.....

When the mob rep starts up the Conga Line again, join in.

When the mob rep stops and moves off disperse.

Good job Sydney. We managed to confuse and delight a couple of tour busses of Asian tourists this time. These guys certainly did not know what had hit them, but were on the job with the cameras in record time. It seemed that the conga line had only just begun to form, bellowing "Boom Chuck a lack a luck a" when  the tourist paparazzi were there in hordes, snapping away as the mobbers began their happy dance around the fountain. We had to laugh.....How hard was it to dance and bellow "Boom chuck a luck a luck a" simultaneously!? I know a few mobbers who swore off the cigarettes after that effort!  .

The fishing was wildly successful. Every mobber caught several great fish, and some put in mammoth efforts landing the slippery blighters. One mobber was noted in particular. It was suggested to me that maybe this guy actually landed Moby Dick. Who would have thought the great beast was living in the fountain?  Fishing having been done for the day, we formed our conga line again, and Boo Chuckaed our way out. Despite the physical hardship some complained of, we all seemed to have enough breath left to laugh all the way back to the car

So, word up guys. Global flashmob is happening on the 19th of June. This one is putting us to shame. Moscow has been drawing five or six hundred people to each event, and they run them twice a week! There will be 25 countries involved, all doing pretty much the same thing. It is the first anniversary of flashmobbing, so get the word out, and bring people, bring cameras and, as always, bring a sense of fun!

Regulars will have noticed that the discussion list has fallen on its butt rather big time, and we are badly missing the feedback, so Mal is organising a new server. You will all get a notice inviting you to join. Sorry about that, but we do love to be able to chat with you guys, as a mob is only as good as the sum of it's parts. I, for one have been missing Jill rather a lot!



VIDEO FOOTAGE (and other media)

In the near future we may have some video footage and more images with a bit of luck but this is it for now (Nada) - Mark ?.

As always, any other footage or photos people wish to contribute is more then welcome.