SYDMOB #1 Saturday, 23 August 2003 - Approx participant count: 110-130

Emailed Instructions

On the morning of Saturday 23rd of August, you should have already synchronised your watch to the time at the following site

By 11:20am you should be in the inner city, make your way to the back of St Andrews Cathedral

Locate the following individual in that general vicinity: Red shirt, black umbrella, black hardcover book. Once found, approach and ask this question: "Got 2 cents?"

You will be then handed the rest of the instructions. Move away and read them.

Script Instructions

Mob Length: 3 minutes (converge at 12:00pm, disperse at 12:03pm)

Mob site: QVB, Corner George and Druitt streets, Islay the talking terrier Monument.

If your birth month falls between January - June, you are a cat.
If your birth month falls between July - December, you are a dog

12:00pm -Dogs: Converge around Islay.(standing) Start to howl. A mournful howl. Poor Islay.

12:01pm -Cats: Converge around the dogs.(standing) Start to growl/hiss. Horrible dogs.

12:02pm -Dogs: You are not happy to see the cats. Show them your disgust, growl & bark. (continue for a minute)

12:02pm -Cats: Scratch in the air at the dogs, hiss! growl! (continue for a minute)

12:03pm -DISPERSE

No one should be left at the site by 12:06pm. Go about your normal business. Once read and memorised, hide this slip from view. Do not throw into a public bin.


Our very first Sydney Flashmobbing happened today, and it was a overall success! Apart from the usual first time mishaps (started a tad early), the act looked hilarious and the disperse was right on the money. Also the diverse ages of the people attending was something which really showed how this isn't just for the "bored unemployed" (as some antimob people would have you like to think) Children and adults alike tracked down our Mob Representitive, gave the password ("got 2 cents?"), and moved away to read the script. We watched people for their reaction as they were walking off reading it and a lot of them laughed; that helped my nerves settle down and we became pretty anxious to see what was about to transpire. Below is a collection of images taken at the event:

Click for closeup
Islay the talking terrier monument (aka The John Laws Dog).
Click for closeup
The "dogs" converge...

Click for closeup
Here comes the "cats"...
Click for closeup
The act begins in full swing

Click for closeup
And the act continues until finally...
Click for closeup


Below are two videos taken of the event (© Roger Barnes - thanks roger !) In order to view these 3mb avi files you may need the DivX 5.0.x codec (avaiable here - see link halfway down page) If you still encounter a problem, drop an email to myself and I'll do my best to help you out. To enjoy the 2 clips, right click the links and select "Save as..", once the file(s) are downloaded then view through a program such as Windows Media Player or any other program which can view them.

This first clip is roughly about a minute into the Dogs first act, then shows the cats converging in from all sides. The scene then turns into some great captured chaos. Flashmob1.avi - 3.2mb

The second clip is taken from near the Queen Victoria Statue looking back at the mob. Watch for the expressions on peoples faces walking by and the media. Just what they're filming at the end is anyone's guess. Flashmob2.avi - 3.2mb

After a amazingly fast job by Mal, we can now show you the video (split into 2 clips) taken by a friend. He was perched up in a shop window ( you can hear some japanese tourists standing close by trying to analyze whats going on) two stories above the mob and managed to film most of the mob from start to finish (unfortunately though, the converge was missed.. ah well, next time) What is good, is that in the second clip you can see the disperse happening and see its effect in full. A top job by a bunch of first time flashmobbers if you ask me. Well done Sydmob !

The first half of the clip is showing the designated area before the mob converges to it. Then, even though the actual converge was missed, you can see the dogs gathered and beginning to howl. Then the cats arrive.. Sydney Mob 1 Hi Band 1 - 2.7mb

This second half, shows the dogs and cats starting to really go at it. And as the camera pulls out you can see some passerbys stopping (watch the guy with the bicycle and try and spot which guy is the reporter from the Sun Herald :P) Then finally at the end, the disperse. Sydney Mob 1 Hi Band 2 - 3.4mb

NOTE: There is a smaller low band version of the clip available, but the quality is nowhere as good. If theres enough demand for it, I'll place that file up as well.

So there you have it, our SYDMOB #1 covered top to bottom. Was it a success though ? Over all, most people who attended agree. We did have some people jump the gun (I can take some of that blame really, I didn't take in account the townhall bell going off and thus inspiring people to start without out checking their own watches) and we also had a few too eager to disperse. But this is early days and we've only just got our toes wet. SYDMOB #2 is coming up within the next two weeks, so if you like what you've seen from our first, be sure to jump onto our mailinglist and get informed about our next mob.