SYDMOB #14 Saturday, 3 April 2004 - Approx participant count: 40-50

Emailed Instructions


On the Morning of Saturday 3rd April, you should have already synchronized your watch to the time of the Telstra clock, available by calling 1194

*By 11:15 am you should be in Sydney CBD, make your way to Hyde Park

*By 11:30 am you should be making your way to the Park & Elizabeth sts end of Hyde Park (North)

*The Mob Rep will be only present between 11:30am and 12:15 pm*

Look for an individual who is wearing a Red shirt, Hat, holding an umbrella and a silver folder, once found, approach and Ask this question: "Can I be a duck ?"

Tip: You may want to wear easliy removed shoes !

Script Instructions



Mob Length: 2-3 minutes (near site 12:25 converge & act @ 12:30pm, disperse @ 12:35pm)

Mob site: North Hyde Park, Archibald Fountain

When the Mob Reps enter the fountain area, converge.

Do at least one full revolution of the fountain walking backwards. Then sit on the edge of the fountain, remove your shoes and hold then in your hands.

Pretend you are standing in the fountain acting like a four year old – kicking, splashing and whooping it up. Use your shoes to scoop imaginary water and fling it about. Hold your shoes over your head and clap the soles together. Squeal, shout, laugh, giggle, call taunts at other mobbers. You are having a ball.

When the mob rep(s) sits, stand next to the edge of the fountain facing out, Put on your pretend swimming goggles and shake you hands at your sides. When the Mob reps shout “GET SET”, assume a swimming race start pose. When the mob reps stands again, hold a hand to your ear and say “Hark, I hear a noise”, then do your best Thorpedo false start – disperse (Don’t forget your shoes)



On ya Sydney, another successful Flashmob is now under our belts. It was a lovely autumn day, which turned out to be much a better day than the forecast was predicting. Tempest did a wonderful job yet again, handing out the scripts, whilst her sister watched on checking out the fella while she bided time. We even managed to pick up a few stay people who just wanted to know what was being handed out (after they guessed the password word of course - well maybe they had a bit of coaching.)

At the appointed time Tempest and I took up our places on either side of the fountain and the Mob converged. It was quiet a spectacle to see everyone walking backwards, so people actually managing to do laps, and of course a few backwards bumps. This was odd enough for a couple on American Tourists to start insisting that Tempest  explains what is going on....Is this a ossie ritual..... why are they doing this..... is this what you do down here.....  and on and on as Americans tend too.

Anyhow back to the Mob, so by now you can imagine that we have the attention of the 60-80 odd people watching in the immediate area. When the mob then removed their shoes and starting kicking and splashing it the pretend water (it is actually a crime of enter the fountain for real), every pair of eyes was glued, people had stopped walking by and their jaws were gapped open.

Then our mobbers moved into Olympic swimmer qualifying mode and put on their pretend attire. standing on there blocks, then set ready to race, just waiting for the starters gun to go off. But no - was that a noise - ohh no a whole mob of false starts - each of them doing there best "Ian Thorpe" impersonation (It is a bit of an in-joke in Australia for our OS readers, our best 400 Mtr swimmer missed out qualifying for the Olympics due to a false start), and then into yet another spectacular disperse. Well Done Sydney.

A big Heads Up to our two Blue Mountains mobbers, who had to spend hrs each way to get there - and it was there 1st event !

So there you have it, our SYDMOB #14 covered top to bottom. Was it a success though ? By the looks on the public and the huge smiles on the Mobbers - YES.

So see you at the next event regulars, and those of you who haven't tried Flash mobbing yet, maybe you should stop putting it off and make the next event and give us a try.