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Australian Flashmob Sites - "For the organizing of pointless random acts of spontaneity." - "The Freshest Flashmob group, in Dubbo, Central New South Wales." - "Bringing a few surreal moments into peoples lives." - "Melbourne Flash mobbing Home" - "Canberra Flash mobbing Home" - "To organise Australian flash mobs"

International and other  Flashmob sites - "Flash Mob News and Information" - "Lithuania Flashmob" - "German Flashmob" - "Italy Flashmob" - "Amsterdam Flash Mob" - "Seoul - South Korea Flash Mob" - "England Flashmob" - "Belgium Flashmob" - "Norway Flashmob" - "Singapore Flashmob" - "New Zealand Flashmob" - "Russia Flashmob" - "An USA Flash Mob site" - "USA New York and General FlashMob News" - "The must see Flashmob site" - "Yahoo Flash Mob groups"

TrippleJGoestoGFM2.wma - "The Triple J Hacks program on Sydmob" - "ABC Television's Mondo Thingo program on Sydmob"