To successfully pull off a FlashMob just right, the mobbers need to learn the subtle art of blending in with the rest of the general public. Now this might not sound like a big deal, but it's pretty important and a very vital part of any attempt at a mob. We've all seen those cornball movies where actors are trying to be inconspicuous but end up doing exactly the opposite (scarf, dark glasses.. you get the general idea) That's not the kind of "Act casual" effect we're aiming for.

Basically, at sometime during the FlashMob you will find yourself in a situation where for a short duration you will be gathered in an area about to go into the main part of the Flash Mobbing itself (the act) It's at this time that you may be in close proximity with other fellow mobbers and the following will help you "keep your cool", so to speak:

- When you're waiting in the area where the act is about to take place, act as you normally would.

It really is that simple. If you're sitting, sit as you normally would do in any other given situation where you are sitting in a public place. Standing ? Yep, you got it. Same deal.

- Conversing with other mobbers/friends/strangers

Now this is a bit of a grey area really. I mean, it would be pretty stupid to try and encourage people NOT to talk with friends in a public place. After all, that's what you would normally do, right ? As for strangers, well if someone asks you the time, do what you would normally do (long as that isn't punch them in the face) Talk about anything - just don't start up a conversation about Flash Mobbing. Common sense really. If you are having a conversation try not to be too distracted from watching the clock.

- Attempt to not "mob" too early

What this means is try to make room between yourself and other mobbers. Seeing a group of people who are supposed to be strangers (well.. ok for the record most of you WILL be strangers, but you get what I mean) bunched up together will perhaps give a passerby the impression that you and the people standing near on top of you are a mob of friends. This is something we all want to avoid at all costs. So if you are with a bunch of friends, do separate away from each other as much as possible. It certainly won't ruin the mobbing experience for you, and you all can get together afterwards and give each other your own personal account of what you saw from where you were when the act and eventual disperse happened.

- Converge to the area from random directions

This one ought to be pretty obvious already. Seeing people heading up a public street in mass looks like a crowd of people not only who most probably know each other personally, but also look to be headed somewhere with a purpose. That's a big no no right there. What you would need to do is plan from which direction you will be coming from to reach the area and also observe how many people seem to be heading in the direction as well. If there already appears to be people taking the same route, take a few extra twists and turns. Also put some distance between yourself and others. But remember to once again keep an eye on the clock. Time is of the essence.

- Don't arrive too early and don't arrive too late

This is probably the most important thing to remember; For a flashmob to converge, act then disperse at instructed times, then everyone involved needs to be on the same watch. That is, have the same time. This is best done by the mobbers synchronizing their watches. A good place to do that is online sometime before you head off to the mob itself. This site is an excellent place to do just that. For the flashmob to have the best impact, It's all a matter of timing.

All in all, most of those points should be pretty easy to understand and in practice will become second nature. Hopefully no one will be interpreting these as "rules" that will be enforced upon people by scary burly men with no necks. No, not all. These are simply more guidelines for people to follow so their flashmob experience will be a good one.

If you wish to contribute to the points we have placed up, or feel something needs changing/adjusting then please do contact us.